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My husband and I went to the opening night performance of “Surviving Mama” and we’ve been talking about it ever since. A provocative drama that stirs up memories, the play inspires discussion and reflection. ¬†Congrats to Sonia Levitin!

Susan Goldman Rubin


“Surviving Mama,” a transformative deeply moving theatrical experience. An insight into the nuances of complex family relationships. Empathy is the legacy of ” Mama”

Susan Scherman


We agree with the reviewer (Los Angeles Post, Oct. 17) The monologue by the husband is reminiscent of Willie Loman in Death of a Salesman. We loved it.

Leonard and Frieda Korobkin.


Mimi Feigelson “Can’t stop thinking about it!”


Goldstar Member Review For SURVIVING MAMA:  

“Having seen numerous on-Broadway and off-Broadway plays and hundreds of plays in the Los Angeles area over the decades, I can say without hesitation that the current actors in “Surviving Mama” were fabulous. The story is compelling and their delivery (of the lines and emotions) was professional and believable in every way. During the final scenes, I got tears in my eyes. Anyone who may not be a student of what happened to Jews in Berlin during World War II, will leave the theatre feeling as if they themselves lived those years. Anyone with an elderly parent who is beginning to “lose it” will also be able to relate on a human level–both to the parents and their offspring. I read an online review that compared “Surviving Mama” to “Death of a Salesman.” I agree that Arthur Miller’s play is able to connect with audiences in a similar way, but I felt the lighting, staging, and music combined (Sunday, 5 p.m. Oct. 28th) to transport the audience to a unique place and time none of us will soon forget. Congratulations to everyone involved!”
Julie Davey Retired College Professor Laguna Niguel, CA


Surviving Mama will resonant deeply
with the truth for anyone experiencing
aging parents. Sonia Levitin has
an uncanny ability to get at the heart
of all matters concerning family.

An embarrassment of riches…Fine performances and design…What holds our interest are the antics of Mama, the character based on the playwright’ own mother…both Mama and her torn between love and necessity daughter, stay in our hearts. 

Ingrid Wilmot

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